szabo-pipa-csaladi-hagyomanyOur company specialises in traditional handmade smoking pipes with deigns unique to Nagykőrös in Hungary.

While we respect traditions, we always follow the latest trends and customer needs besides the classical and unique designs.

Together with other specialist smoking pipe manufacturers and colleagues we strive to pass on smoking pipe manufacturing and the culture of pipe smoking to the next generations.

It is our company philosophy to support wholesalers as well as small businesses.



It is a historical fact that wooden smoking pipes and their accessories were made exclusively in Nagykőrös even after the nationalisation took place in Hungary. We have been continuously manufacturing the usual classical pipe shapes. We follow customer needs and the latest trends and sell our smoking pipes nationally as well as internationally.

Irony of fate, that after the Change in Hungary, the Pipe Manufacture become the private property of Szabó Balázs. The Szabó’s have guaranteed and do it also nowadays that the tradition and secret of handmade pipe-craftsmanship will be continued to live up to generations. Sen. Szabó Balázs founded he firm in 1930. His son Szabó Balázs followed his father’s footsteps and now Szabó Balázs, the third in the generation directs the firm.

We have been manufacturing the classical pipe types continuously. Following the latest trends, we produce our products to Hungary and import them to different countries.



The Szabó Smoking Pipe Manufacturer Ltd. is the home of Hungarian smoking pipe manufacturing, based on the high street in the city centre of Nagykőrös.

We have acted as the sole representative of the German Vauen company in Hungary since 1994.

We have created a cooperative working partnership with Italian manufacturers since 2002. We have been exporting our products to wholesalers abroad since 2005.

We offer the opportunity of individual pricing to small businesses by categorising our products and providing the same purchase price of our different shaped and coloured smoking pipes to every small business so that they can calculate their own retail prices with their desired individual profit margin.


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Renáta Tóth
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Csilla Szabóné Molnár
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Csilla Szabó
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